Database Modeling

Data Modelling is the study and analysis of data objects and their relationships with other data objects. It is the foundation for database designing and developing as data modeling enables database designers in constructing different levels of data right through conceptual model to logical model to physical model. It is a clear and accurate visual representation of the business of the organisation.

We at Navi Infotech offer you end-to-end data modeling services that can help your organisation leverage data modeling techniques to build conceptual data models, logical data models and physical data models for your database solutions.
Our Data Modeling Services provide organizations with customized, business-specific solutions and create effective data models that meet or exceeds their current and evolving data needs. Our professionals have extensive knowledge of data management concepts, practices and procedures, data design and architecture; logical and physical modelling, relational database management concepts and data integration. Our experts employ both tool-based and manual methodologies for data modeling.

We offer the following modelling services:

  • E-R Modeling:
  • Dimensional Modeling
  • Business Modeling –for better business understanding

If you are looking forward for a data modeling partner, just drop us an inquiry we will get in touch with you.