Database Maintenance

dbNavi Infotech’s Database Specialists team has been a successful provider of consulting, remote DBA and database administration managed services with mission-critical database systems.

Our approach in providing database support and remote database administration services is fully proactive; dedicated to identifying and correcting problems before they impact your business. Some of the features of this service include:

  • Installation of database upgrades, patches and configuration scripts as required ensuring database compatibility within your production applications
  • Analysis of services and run logs to detect and resolve problems such as system failures, inefficient SQL execution, etc.
  • Regularly checks, management and validation of database server disks to allow sufficient disk space and runs utilities to detect and prevent data or index fragmentation
  • Regular, proactive, monitoring and troubleshooting of database issues
  • Assists with preventive maintenance activities such as documenting and implementing database backup procedures, database recovery procedures, performance parameter adjustments, early detection of potential system slowdown and errors
  • Provide assistance to your database administrator to manage and troubleshoot problems

Our DBA experts concentrate on database implementation and performance providing you the highest level of database support. This service assists in minimizing database downtime and therefore enabling you to maximize uptime of mission critical business applications.

We offer a cost-effective and flexible extension to your technical team to allow you to increase your database performance through customized and personalized service.